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Why Does The Stuffed Deep Dish Come Unsliced For Takeaway?

Our signature Chicago Deep Dish has a crust thickness of 2.5cm and comes unsliced for Takeaway to ensure the structure of the pizza pie isn't compromised in transit. If you are collecting your Takeaway from in store you can request our chefs to have it sliced for you.

Why Does The Stuffed Deep Dish Take 30 minutes To Bake?

It takes ten steps from our talented chefs to make the magic happen. Due to the pie's 2.5cm thickness, deep dish pizzas take a longer time to cook, and as a result, you add the toppings in reverse order. This applies to the 7" Chicago Pies too. We promise it is worth the wait!

Can I Pre-Order A Deep Dish Before My Reservation?

Unfortunately, we no longer accept pre-orders for Deep Dish Pizzas for dine-in customers. Past experiences with late arrivals led to wasted pizzas and remakes. However, if you're on a time constraint, simply inform our servers of your order upon arrival, and we'll prioritise its preparation. This approach ensures you receive a fresh, hot Deep Dish Pizza during your visit.

Why Does A Slice Take 10 - 15 minutes To Serve?

We prepare every slice fresh to order, ensuring the highest quality. Nothing is pre-made, frozen, or kept in warmers. This approach guarantees you'll enjoy a piping hot, freshly crafted slice every time.

Do You Offer Pizza By The Slice and When Is It Available?

Yes, we do! Deep End By The Slice is available during all our operating hours for dine-in, delivery, and click-and-collect takeaway.

Our hours:

  • Thursday & Friday: 5pm - 10:30pm
  • Saturday & Sunday: 12pm - 2:30pm, 5pm - 10:30pm

Why Do You Have Different Deep Dish Styles For By The Slice and Full Pie?

We offer two distinct Chicago deep dish styles to cater to different serving needs and taste preferences:

  1. Full Pie: Chicago Stuffed (Giordano's style)
    • Extremely cheesy with a rich, tender crust
    • Too gooey to serve as individual slices
  2. By the Slice: Pequod's Style
    • Thicker, more open crust with caramelized cheese rim
    • Sturdy enough to serve as individual slices
    • Unique flavor profile beloved by many Chicagoans

This variety allows us to offer the best deep dish experience whether you're ordering a whole pie or just a slice.

Deep End: Where every slice tells a story

What Are The Pizza Styles You Offer?

At Deep End Pizza, we celebrate the diverse regional styles of American pizza that Chef and Co-Owner Paul Kasten has encountered throughout his culinary journey in his home country of USA. Here are some of our featured styles:

Chicago Stuffed Deep Dish: Originating in Chicago in the 1970s, this pizza truly puts the ‘pie’ in pizza pie. With a rich, tender bottom crust and a thin top crust, cheese and toppings are inside, with sauce on top. Our version is inspired by Chicago's Giordano's. Made to order and requiring 30 minutes to bake.

Pequod's Style Deep Dish: Inspired by another Chicago classic, Pequod's, known since 1970 for its unique caramelized crusty edge.

Detroit Style Pan Pizza: A square pie with a fluffy, focaccia-like base and a crispy rim of caramelized cheese. It's light yet sturdy enough to handle heavier toppings, perfect for experimenting with new flavors.

New York Thin Crust Pizza: An homage to higher-end New York pizzerias, our NY Style Pizza is thin, crispy, and features a light, open crumb. We carefully balance the toppings to highlight the crust we've perfected.

New Haven Thin Crust Pizza: A thinner, crispier, and more charred cousin of the New York style, this 18" pizza comes from Chef Paul's hometown in Connecticut, offering a taste of heritage.

Why Isn't The 18" New Haven Style Pizza Available For Takeaway?

Our New Haven Style thin crust pizza is available for dine-in only because:

  1. It's best enjoyed fresh out of the oven
  2. The thin, charred crust doesn't retain heat well during transit

We want to ensure you experience this stunning pizza at its absolute best.

What If I Can't Finish All My Yummy Pizza?

Can't finish your amazing pizzas? No problem! Let our server know and we will happily box this up for you to take home. We even have reheating instructions on the box!

Reheating Instructions

Check out our Head Chef and Owner Paul's expert advice on how to keep enjoying your Deep End Pizza Experience at home through this link.

Do You Have Gluten Free / Vegan Options?

While we're always working to make our authentic American pizzas accessible to all, our current options are:

  • Gluten Free: No pizzas available, but we offer select small dishes.
  • Vegan: Available for New York and New Haven style pizzas with vegan cheese. Simply request this when dining in or add a note for Click and Collect orders.

Our chefs are continually exploring new options to expand these offerings.

Do You Halal Options?

Yes, we do. Halal pepperoni is available and can be:

  • Added to any pizza
  • Substituted for regular pepperoni in any of our dishes

Do I Need To Make A Reservation?

While walk-ins are always welcome, we strongly recommend reservations, especially:

  • For peak hours (6:30 PM - 8:30 PM)
  • If you're traveling specifically to dine with us

Reservations help ensure you have a table ready upon arrival and avoid potential wait times.

Do You Cater For Large Bookings or Functions or Provide External Catering?

Yes, we offer several options:

Large Groups (10+): Reservation requires a credit card. $25 per person no-show fee. Please understand: with only 58 seats, cancellations greatly impact us

In-House Functions: Options range from sit-down dinners to casual gatherings

External Catering: Available for pickup or delivery, Customised to your guest count and budget

For functions and catering, contact us at [email protected] to discuss your event.

Can I Bring A Cake?

Absolutely! We celebrate with you:

  • You're welcome to bring your own cake
  • We'll happily add candles to your Deep Dish pizza
  • No cakeage fee charged

We love being part of your special moments with family and friends.

Are You BYO?


Do You Have A Kids Menu?

While we don't have a separate kids menu, we offer:

  • Various kid-friendly options
  • Servers happy to provide recommendations

Ask our staff for suggestions tailored to your child's tastes.

Can I Bring My Dog For Lunch or Dinner?

  • We're dog lovers too, with two of our own!
  • Currently, we don't have an outdoor dining area for pets
  • Stay tuned: we're planning to make this possible in the future

We appreciate your understanding and look forward to welcoming your furry friends soon.

Can I Film or Photograph In Your Restaurant?

  • Personal use: Yes, feel free
  • Commercial use: Please contact [email protected] for permission

Donations And Community Partnerships

At Deep End Pizza, we're committed to creating a better community. Here's how we contribute:

  1. Team Sponsorships • Focus on local sports teams • First-come, first-served basis
  2. Community Events • We love making events even better with our pizza
  3. Sponsorship Requests • Supporting local sports, fundraisers, music, and theatre programs

For all inquiries and requests, please contact [email protected]

We're proud to be an active part of our community and look forward to partnering with you!

Who Owns Deep End Pizza?

Deep End Pizza is independently owned by American Head Chef Paul Kasten, his Australian wife Kate Paterson, and their friend Rasmus Gundel.

Our Story

During the lockdown in Melbourne, Deep End Pizza emerged as a beacon of cheesy goodness. The creation of American Chef Paul Kasten, his Melbourne-native wife Kate Paterson, and their friend Rasmus Gundel, this pizzeria became a symbol of resilience and passion.

Paul's culinary journey took a turn when visa constraints forced him out of his usual kitchens. With time to ponder life's big questions, he found himself reminiscing about a college project titled "The History of Pizza" from 2005. This early interest in pizza, combined with his passion, led Paul to spend 18 months developing Deep End’s first three regional styles.

They found their perfect spot on Westgarth Street, a location with personal significance as it was where Paul and Kate had their first date. With determination and help from friends and loved ones, Deep End Pizza opened its doors in June 2022.

At Deep End Pizza, it's about more than just crafting pizzas; it's about creating moments. With warm American-style hospitality, Chef Paul quickly realized that the true magic lay in the joy on customers' faces with each bite.

Whether you're an American seeking a taste of home, a pizza adventurer eager to try something new, or simply craving a slice of comfort, join us at Deep End Pizza. Every bite is a journey, and every customer is family.

Our secret ingredient? At Deep End Pizza, we believe in sharing not just pizza, but memories, laughter, and a sense of home. From carefully selected suppliers to American Style service, we go the extra mile to ensure every slice tells a story.